Velammal students on a enriching Russia educational trip 


The students of Velammal departed to Moscow from Chennai. Reaching Moscow, the students took a transit flight to St. Petersburg. They first visited the old hermitage and the winter palace, where they gained a history lesson of Russias great history. Then, they enjoyed visiting other different historic monuments. The next day, they visited the Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket technology and curiously enquired the scientists. The students also received certificates, validating their visit to the Museum. Later, the Paul and Peter fortress, St. Isaac cathedral were visited. It was learnt that the great king Peter I was buried in the cathedral. The following day, the students visited the port of Baltic sea and clicked photos to keep the memories. In Star City the next day, they were introduced to the models of the different rockets, and buses that took astronauts to rockets. They were also introduced to the space suits with special features. The students were also explained about the rigorous training needed for the astronauts and cosmonauts to survive in space. Overall, the educational trip was a very enriching experience for the students.