Dr. M.G.R. Femto Satellite launched 


DR.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, participate in A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Space Research Payload Cubes Challenge 2021- a Guinness Record Attempt Event. 30 Students were engaged in designing of Cubes and developed 3 Dr.M.G.R. Femto Satellites, crowning glory to their Institution. The workshop & Hands-on training for Satellite Assembling towards the great mission were held during 21 & 22 of Dec. at Anna Seminar Hall, Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute. The workshop encompasses on training the students on the designing of cube Sats using software and the method of PCB assembling procedures as well. Er. A.C.S. Arun Kumar, President evaluated flair of tech skills behind the assembling of Cube Sats and acknowledged the team spirit of Young minds at the valedictory session. These satellites launched in the high-altitude scientific balloon from Rameswaram last week.