Keeping in mind the capabilities of the young adults and adolescents with special needs, Arvind Foundation imparts vocational training in some simple mechanical and manual operations. Thus, many products like areca nut plates, bowls etc., masala powders, agarbathis, fancy jewellery etc. are produced by the students under the guidance of the teachers and caretakers. So far, these were displayed and sold in stalls put up at every possible opportunity, thus generating revenue. A portion of such sales proceeds is being given to the students as incentives. With a permanent shop, this becomes an ongoing feature and hence becomes a source of livelihood for those special adults. Therefore, it is definitely a very proud moment for the founders, staff, students of the organisation and also the parents. The setting up of the shop has been sponsored by Rukmini Reddy (Chairperson and member of Madras Cosmopolitan Ladies Circle 38) and her team, who have been partnering with Arvind Foundation for many of their projects till date. Arvind’s Store has another avenue to solicit patronage. Gift vouchers in various denominations will be available. These will serve as a good gifting option for any occasion. A visit to the store to buy the products or the Gift voucher will leave one spell bound with the remarkable skill with which the adults with special needs man the shop with minimal guidance from their mentors. For such a lovely unique experience, please do visit Arvind’s Store located at 405, 27th street, 6th sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai 600078. For more details can contact 98410 34234, 7299911022.